Difference Between GUI and USABILITY Testing

A Testing Specialist try to find out the functional flaw present in the application and try to make the application bug free.  Not only the function aspect but also other aspect like software look and feel and easiness are also important.

Many testers are confused between GUI and USABILITY testing. Today we will discuss the difference between these two. Below are the list of differences between these two type of the testing.

Difference - 1 
GUI Testing - Basically GUI testing is related to the visible end of the application which is also called front end. Testing is done to verify whether is meets the clients requirements or not. If it meet the client requirements then ok but if not then we have to report it to make the change as per client wants.

Usability testing - Usability testing related to the use of application, the hardness, and easiness of the application. Application should not be hard to understand. Even new user should be able to perform the basic task without any training.

Difference - 2
GUI Testing - GUI testing is to test the look and feel of the application, it should be look pleasant. Some application are very messy and user when visit the site would not stay on site for longer period if the applications look and feel are bad. But if application is very pleasant looking and eye catchy then even a user who has nothing to do with the application but still he will be stay on the site for longer period.

Usability testing - The main focus of the usability testing is on how easily customer/ visitor can access the site. Means everything is tested to make it easy to use.

Difference - 3
GUI Testing - In GUI Testing we test the font size, font color, font style, layout and design are as per the client requirements or not. It should be as per the client’s requirements.

Usability testing - In Usability testing we test whether the font style, font color, font size, layout and design are user friendly or not. Means user should be understand it. Some font style are to difficult to understands, sometime font size is too small or too big which hard to understand.

Difference - 4
GUI Testing - Full form of GUI testing is “Graphical user interface”. While testing only graphical parts are taken cares.Means appearance of the Application and not the functional requirements.

Usability testing - Here in usability, only easiness is taken care of.

Difference - 5
GUI Testing - While performing GUI testing, only interface is the focus point
Usability testing - While performing Usability testing, all the focus is on End User.

Difference - 6
GUI Testing - As from the name, we can understand the user interface testing is focused on interface of the software product.

Usability testing - The Quality of the software is control by the Usability testing.

Difference -7
GUI Testing - The Product interface tested on the different platform and different configuration in order to determine the interface quality on different configurations.

Usability testing - Usability testing is done on different screen sizes also to ensure that user can use the software products easily on different screen sizes as well.

This are the few difference between the Graphical user interface testing and Usability Testing.

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