Fishbone/Cause effect diagram

How often we come across a Problems? Definitely many times, problems arises because of many individual factors, so overcome these problems our first approach is to find the solutions of the problem but actually finding the cause of the problem help us to prevent such a problem permanently. Fishbone is such a technique which is helpful to analyze the problem and finding the root causes which brings problems into the existence.

Fishbone diagram is called fishbone because it looks like fish back bone. Fishbone is also known as cause effect diagram. Fishbone technique invented by ishikawa that’s fishbone diagram is also known as the ishikawa diagram.

Fishbone diagram is useful for quality control, we can discover the root causes which brings problems into the existence, another use of the fishbone diagram is to find out the weakness and loop whole present in the process.

Following are the steps to create fishbone diagram.

Step 1: once we have any problem, we need to write that problem in square box and draw a line as shown in below diagram.
Fishbone problem description
Write down the problem in box, problems means an issues, obstacle which are causing bad effects on project.

Step 2: After we draw our problem in square box, we need to find out all the possible factor which may cause this problem. As we know a same problem can be arises with different factors. For example: if our bike is not getting started then there may be many factors which can cause this problem, like petrol is finished or there may be an issue with the engine like this there are number of factors which can cause same problem, here for this example problem is “Bike is not starting” and the factors which can cause this are “petrol, engine, battery etc.” so this is very important that we should find out as many as possible factors.
In step two we need to find out all possible factors which can cause a particular problem. After we get all possible factors then draw a tilt vertical line. One line for one factor.

Fishbone find possible factors

So the diagram will look like as shown above, here factor 1,2,3,4,5 are the factors which can cause a problem which is written in the diagram.

Step 3: Till now in first step, we wrote down the problem in box and in second step 2 : we wrote down the factors which can cause the problem which is written in box. Now in this third step, we need to find out the factor causing issues. For example. We will continue with above mentioned example, if bike is not starting then factors can be out of petrol, engine problem etc, so in this phase we need to find out why such factor can create a problem, like why engine would not work? Why we out of petrol? These are the issues which causes the factors and factor cause the problem this is like a chain.We need to write down such a factor causing issue on factors, for that write a line coming out of corresponding factors. See the diagram as shown below.

Fishbone find causing issues

One factor can have multiple causes as shown in image.

Step 4:
On Step 4 we need to analyze the diagram, here we would come to know which factor more likely can cause the problem and also by studying this diagram we would come to know the weakness of the process which can be eliminated.

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