Risk based testing

Let first understand the meaning of RISK, risk means a problem or issue or bug which can occur in future.so risk may related to software or it may also related to QA or development team. Means guessing the possible which can come in near future and finding the solution for that in advance or change the situation so that it will never happen.

Risk analysis is also an important part to perform Risk Based Testing. There are many situation where risk analysis help. Many of you might have come across such a situation when there is a project but the requirements are poorly written, incomplete requirement, unclear requirement, or not testable requirements. some in such a situation if development team start developing with unclear , incomplete requirements then definitely at a point they will face a major issue which will either unsolvable or it will takes lots of time which effect on software delivering dead line. If we performed risk analysis then it will help to identify the possible risk, issues which will come if development team proceed development with such a poor requirements. Here team will analyze the requirement and try to find out the loop holes in requirement and that can cause problems in futures.

Clients are so ambitious they just want to launch there project in market as early as possible, for that client gives very tight dead line to company which is some time impossible to accomplish. Here risk analysis also help to estimate the required time is sufficient or not.

Many time there is new requirements from the client after launch of the software. So adding the new functionality to the software can effect on many places. So instead of directly adding new functionality to software it is better to do risk analysis and try to find out the risk related to new functionality. This mentioned issues will effects on projects cost, quality of the project and even loss in business. It is very important to deal with such an issue with proper way.

So how it goes, Make a list of possible issues, problems that may occurs in by doing depth study about the software. A tester with domain knowledge will also can figure out what can go wrong with his past experience.Then after making the list perform the testing which will test each and every risk.

Basically the risk is not just only related to the software, it is also related QA team. There are two category of risk. First one is Product Risk which means when there is a risk related to QA team means when someone senior tester leaving the team which has lots of dependency. This is risk for Software and other type of risk is Project Risk which means risk related to the software.

What can be done on possible risk? There are many ways to deal with a risk like mitigation, mitigation is find the solution to overcome the risk. For example say a senior QA member is leaving the company so mitigation in this case is hire someone with same domain knowledge and ask senior QA to transfer his knowledge to new QA. Not every risk is taken seriously. Some risk team ignores like a issue which has less probability to occur.

  • Help to prioritize and analyze the risk.
  • Help in finding possible risk early.
  • Problematic areas or situation are discovered early.
  • The testing strategy can be adjustable as per the risk and schedule.

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