Globalization Testing and Localization Testing

  • Globalization testing and localization testing is useful for a software which are going to be used in many country or all over the world.
  • Let discuss one by one.

Globalization Testing :

  • Globalization testing is also called as a Internationalization testing.
  • Globalization testing means testing Globalized Application to ensure that the software can be used all over the world or in many countries with the same software for all means they do not create a different software for different country of language.
  • In Globalization testing, tester need to test that the software can function properly in any language and in any country.
  • Here we provided very possible type of input to check that whether application handling it properly or not.
  • As we know every country has their different language, different culture. So we need to test it with the country specific input like language and currency format, mobile number format etc.
  • Globalized Application has a same code for ever country and every language means they do not develop the different application for different countries and different languages.
  • One may get these questions like why don’t the develop the different software for different languages? If you know there are almost 196 six country in the world and almost every country has their different language, different culture so it is going to be very costly to develop the application for each language and for each country separately. so it is good option to develop the Globalized application.

Localization Testing :

  • Localization testing is done to check whether the software is suitable for the local language and culture.
  • The main focus of localization testing is to check the UI and language and the feeds according to local festivals.
  • There is a social media site which can be used in many languages like Hindi, Marathi,Tamil, Gujarati etc. so the same software, same features can be used in different languages.
  • So it is important whether the software is working properly when we switch to other languages than English. Like someone only know the Hindi so he will use the software in Hindi by choosing the Hindi language option. Not just only the UI, software should get the input in Hindi also.
  • Culture is also important part of the localization testing, the festival we celebrate are not celebrated all over the world and the festival that other country man celebrate that we do not celebrate so the application should wishes us that festival that we celebrate.
  • In localization testing, each functionality get tested in each supported language, UI is also tested for each supported will ensure that by changing the language software does not show any functionality issue. Even a tool tips should get changed as per the language selected.
  • So basically localization testing is to test the software for the 
  1. Local language
  2. Local time zone, our time zone is different than other country.
  3. Local currency we have our currency as a rupee and the value is also different than other countries currency. And the way we write is down is also different e.g. in other country the amount they write it as 100, 000, 00 like two digit then three three digit each. And we write is as 10, 00,000 like three digit then two two digit. This is a cultural difference
  4. Phone format : we have our mobile number format different and the way we represent or write is also different. There are many other things also.
  • While performing localization testing, tester may need a help of translator which will tell the tester that the English has properly replaced with its Hindi or any languages word. Means meaning should be same. For e.g. if we choose the Hindi option then whole page should get translated in Hindi. If there is a Search is written on the button then it should get replaced with its proper meaning world. For Search it should get name as “Khoj” etc.
  • One of the different between localization testing and globalization testing is, localization testing means testing the local version of globalized application. But it does not mean that the localization testing is only done on globalized application it can be done of a software which are not globalized applications.

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