Mobile Application Testing (Andorid)

Now a days the market of mobile application is increasing rapidly. Every small or large organization, small or large business man want their own android,iPhone application. Peoples are using application for full filling their needs. There are lot of mobile application are available for user. From shopping to paying bills user now a days uses the mobile application. It help to save the time and that hectic long queue.

So testing the mobile application is different than testing the web application. In mobile application we have to face many challenges. Some of the challenges are discussed below.

OS Support : if we think about the android application, we know there are lot of android versions are available so we need to test the application for each supportive version. Mostly Now a days heavy applications support android 4.2 and above and lighter application supports 2.3 and above so we need to test the android application for each version. This is quit challenging task to check every features on each supportable version. 

Different Brands : Android is an open source OS and each different mobile companies are customizing the three OS. So sometime our application may show some difficulty while installation or any feature may not work in any particular brand. So it’s challenging task to test the application in each popular brand.At least it should not show any bug in major brands

Different Screen Sizes : we will get lot of variety in screen sizes. Phone screen size may 2.4 inch to 7 inch and tablet may have screen size 7 + inch. So it’s a challenge to test the android application on these many screen sizes.

Hardware Configuration : there are lot of mobile with lot of different configuration. It’s makes us very challenging to cover most of common configuration and test our application on these configurations.  And now android stay in competition many brands are giving higher configuration in lower prize but the processors and the component they are using while building the mobile phones are sometime cheap. Because they have main aim as to offer a higher configuration mobile in lower prize to increase the sell. So the performance of these phones are not up to the mark. But as a tester we need to ensure that our application is running on these mobiles also.

Frequent OS Update and Frequent Application : in a year, google launches one or two OS updates, they add new features and remove some features from the previous update so it’s a probability that our application may show some issues in new OS update so it’s also a challenging to test the application on new OS update.

If you are android user then you know how quickly you get a updates for your installed application, some application get update twice or thrice sometime more than that in a month so it’s also make a challenging task for the tester to ensure that new as well as old functionality is working fine.

Network carriers : there are many network provider and they have different 2g, 3g and 4g speed so if our application is needed a network connection to work then we need to consider the 2g, 3g, 4g speed and test our application of many network providers. And then working of our application of Wi-Fi is also need to be tested. These make more combination for testing hence very challenging.

These are the challenges which we take care while testing an android or any other mobile application.

The type of testing which we need to perform on the Mobile application are :
  • Functional testing
  • Usability 
  • Security testing 
  • Performance testing 
  • Installation testing 
  • Interrupt testing 
Functional Testing : in functional testing we check the functional requirements of the mobile application. Whether all the requirements are included in the mobile application and working as per the specification or not. Here we validate the mobile application.

Usability : there are lot of mobile application which are not easy to use, such a application user may uninstall within the second. So performing the usability testing we need to think like a normal user. Those core or basic task should be easy to perform without any prior knowledge of the application.

Security Testing : security testing is also important, by performing security testing all the loops holes are eliminated from the mobile application, which may hacker user to steal the information.

Performance Testing : it is also important aspect of the mobile application, what is a use of such a mobile application which are very user friendly , so interesting but the response time of the application is too slow ?. Mobile application should have good response time.

Installation Testing

Following are the ways to perform the installation testing of mobile applications.
  • Install new app
  • Install update
  • Uninstall and then reinstall
  • Check all the file in there respected folders
Interrupt Testing :
Interrupt testing is only be performed on mobile application, we need to ensure that our mobile application work fine after any interrupt occurs. So the type of interrupt that may interrupt while using mobile are as follow :
  • Install new app
  • Install update
  • Uninstall and then reinstall
  • Check all the file in there respected folders
In this way we can ensure the quality of the mobile application.

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