Appium Automation Interview Questions

31. : Which method is used to perform scroll down to text in appium.
Answer : You can use scrollTo() method to scroll till text. View scroll down to text example.

32. : Is it possible to perform multi-touch action in appium test?
Answer : Yes, We can perform multi-touch action action in appium automation test using MultiTouchAction and TouchAction class. We can create touch action chain using MultiTouchAction and TouchAction class. View appium multi-touch action example.

33. Is it possible to capture screenshot of android mobile screen?
Answer : Yes, You can. You need to use FileUtils class to capture screenshot of mobile screen. You can view capture screenshot example for more detailed answer.

34. Can we test web application in mobile using appium?
Answer : Yes. Appium support native mobile application, web applications and hybrid apps in mobile. We can use chrome browser in android and safari browser in IOS devices.

35. What is platformVersion capability?
Answer : In appium automation test, We need to provide mobile OS version(Example : 4.4.2) in which we are going to test application. View platformVersion capability example.

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