Bugzilla Introduction

  • Bug tracking and Issues tracking procedure is the most require procedure for managing a project. This will be fulfilled with one best of the bug tracking tool Bugzilla. We are going to learn it.
  • Bugzilla is open source software which is built in Perl language and using MYSQL for data base tracking. Bugzilla is based on Mozilla public license.
  • Developers and testers can user it for improvement of productivity as Bugzilla is working as Time saver. Because of Bugzilla developers can keep track of issues and changes of particular project.
  • Bugzilla software issue tracking tool manages all the test. Project planing , Execution of the code, controlling of the procedure activities this all will manage by the Bugzilla. This all procedure will help up to meet up the project goal.
  • Now we will see the feature of Bugzilla. It has advance search functionality through which we can search particular issues for verifying.
  • Bugzilla will send you email in registered email id for all posted issues. Thus , it notify us by sending mail for each and every step. Even when you are Edit issue then also it will send you a mail for verifying applied changes.
  • Bugzilla is work as time saver. You can improve your work ability by using it.
  • Bugzilla is strongly secured. We can assign project or group to the employee and employee can see only those assigned project issues not more than that. So we can say that Bugzilla is highly secured and safe.
  • We can say Bugzilla is Customize software as it is completed all the requirements of the user. Project or Product can be managed very well with the Use of Bugzilla.
  • Bugzilla has best UI to work with. It is user-friendly frame work. You can learn easily and implement easily and it will solve your problems too.
  • Now we will learn how we can create account in Bugzilla software.
  • After installation you will get below screen.

here you can see the button 'New Account' . After clicking on 'New Account' button you will navigate to the another screen as shown in bellow image.

  • This screen displays all terms and condition and instruction for Bugzilla.
  • Now you need to go to bottom and enter your email Address. 
  • After Entering your email address click on 'sign up' button. Then Bugzilla software will send you confirmation mail on your entered email ID.
  • Here you can Log in with your personal account too. They give an option. You can verify this in the screen. 

  • In that you need to click on verification link and Login to your self.
  • Then you will be navigate on the page were you need to enter your password.
  • Here it will measure security by your password and display color on screen.
  • If you password is less secure then it will not allow. Bugzilla displays validation message for secure account.
  • After creating an account it will navigate you to the home page where you can see your registered email ID.
  • Thus, we have completed first step of learning of Bugzilla.

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