List of open source test management tools for software testing

Test management tools are the heart of software testing process. You can not handle your testing process in proper way if you are not using any test management tools. Test management tools makes easy to manage client's requirements, test plan, test cases, code reviews or document reviews, bug tracking and
release management. There are many test management tools available in market. Some of them are freeware (Open source) and some of them are paid.

Here i have listed most popular Open source test management tools with its key features for your reference. Related download link is provided with tool name so you can click on link to download that tool or to view more information about it. 

Freeware Test Management And/Or Bug Tracking And/Or Test Case Management Tools List
Key Features : Test Execution Management,  Test Case Management Tool

Key Features : Test Case Management, Test Plan Management, Bug Tracking

Key Features : Bug Tracking Tool

Key Features : Requirements Management, Test case Management, Release Management, Test result Management, Issue Tracking, Reporting, 

Key Features : Test Case, Test Cycle, Release Tracking, Resource Allocation Tracking, code review Tracking, document Review Tracking

Key Features : Test Case management

Key Features : Test Management And Requirements Management Tool

Key Features : Test Management Tool

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