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In last article we have seen about the 3rd level of software testing process. 3rd level is define under two layer. First is Test Implementation and second is Test Execution. We have covered Test Implementation in previous article. Now let’s move to the Test Execution process.
Software Test Execution procedure

In last article we have seen that Testing is not a single phase activity. It has many processes to follow. We have already understood about the 2 level process. 1. Planning for software testing & 2. Analysis & Design. Now we will move on 3rd level. We must say that this one is most important part of testing process as it is containing Execution and Implementation Part of an application or software.

Execution Setup & Implementation of Test Cases

In last article we have seen about the concepts of software testing. Now in this article, we will understand the software testing procedures in detail. I must say, Testing is not a single activity. Software testing is define with the group of processes. This process have different levels like starting from planning to prepare test cases then execution steps and test closer activity. Thus, processes can be divided in below levels.

Software Testing Processes