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It Is most Important to learn shortcuts of eclipse IDE If you wants to speed up Selenium WebDriver test creation and execution process because performing each and every actions In eclipse using just mouse Is time consuming. If you knows keyboard shortcut keys to perform regular actions In eclipse then It will be very easy for you to do It within one second.

There are three main aspect of any dynamics website, cloud base applications and those are backend code, UI and the database. So what we code at backend will define front end which is UI, and what we or user put in the UI fields goes to the database.

Main difference between the UI Testing, Backend Code Testing and the Data Base Testing are shown below.

Backend Testing:  Here to perform the backend testing, tester should know the code and how it work. Here tester will see all the code and try to find out any defect inside the code. Tester who performs backend testing is called as White Box Tester.

UI: The front end of the application which is viewable for the end user, here what tester need to test are the things like buttons, colors, text alignments, links, images, layout, navigations etc. are the part of UI testing.

We already learnt about what is about uniform random timer and how to use it in your software load test plan in my earlier posts. As you know, uniform random timer has parameters called constant delay offset and Random delay maximum. So if you will set only constant delay offset and run your software load test then it will behave as constant timer. Let's see with example.