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Apache JMeter has many different configuration elements and counter is one of the configuration element of JMeter. Counter config element allows you to set a counter and then you can use it's reference anywhere in your thread group of your software load test plan. Let's understand how to add and configure counter in your software load test plan.

First thing you may think why should I be the top in the testing team, what is my benefit in it? And many more question may come to your mind. Even some may think what do you mean by top tester or expert tester? Top tester nothing but a tester professionals which has high skills and able to produce great result in less time. And there are many benefits like better opportunity, early promotion, may get some high level designation very early in as compare to experience and better money.
But how do you become a highly skill software tester? Some may choose the testing field become it does not require coding knowledge or some may also choose testing field become it is less hectic than development. Let me say one thing, by such a mentality you will never be the highly skill testing profession. The first thing which is required to become highly skilled tester is commitment and interest. And even if you choose testing because you are interested in testing then also you may or may not become highly skilled, it requires quality time to become a highly skilled testing and continuous growing and learning new methodologies which are coming in software testing industry and learn on daily basis like blogs, discussions, articles etc. which will help to improve the knowledge about testing. And never get bored by testing stuffs and practice every day.

Now a days these became a come thing that tester need to test the application without any requirement documents. These is usually happens in startup or mid-level company some time even in mnc companies. Mostly these thing can be seen in product base companies where requirements are collected on the fly. And just tells developer the thing that they want without any documentation. It is possible to test the application without any requirements provided that it need to be done in proper way.