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Now a days ecommerce testers are in demands, many new ecommerce’s sites are coming into exiting and old ecommerce site are getting famous day by day. More peoples are preferring the online shopping than actual going to market and purchasing the things. Online ecommerce site has gain the trust on people. Online shopping site has many policies are very effective and trust worthy. 

Online site has provide offers, cash back and lots of varieties which are attracting the people to purchase online and. For the smooth process, this sites need to be tested and should be defect free. Many news are there which shows that because of the loophole present in the system, company has to loose crores of rupees. One such an incidence were an online food ordering site looted by a university student because of the bug present in the software. Bug was on payment page, when user were refreshing the payment page, payment were made automatically. This bug caused a crores of loss to the company.

A Testing Specialist try to find out the functional flaw present in the application and try to make the application bug free.  Not only the function aspect but also other aspect like software look and feel and easiness are also important.

Many testers are confused between GUI and USABILITY testing. Today we will discuss the difference between these two. Below are the list of differences between these two type of the testing.

Difference - 1 
GUI Testing - Basically GUI testing is related to the visible end of the application which is also called front end. Testing is done to verify whether is meets the clients requirements or not. If it meet the client requirements then ok but if not then we have to report it to make the change as per client wants.

We already learnt usage of constant timer parallel to requests to pause threads on all requests for given amount of time in my earlier post. Also you can put constant timer under specific request of your software load test plan to pause thread on that specific request for given amount of time. Let's learn how to pause thread on specific request of your software load test plan for given amount of time using constant timer.