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Size assertion in jmeter software load test plan is useful to assert the byte size of request response. You can use different conditions in response assertion like equal to, not equal to, greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to a given number of bytes for response. Here we will learn how to use size assertion in your jmeter software load test plan to assert size of response.

XPath Assertion is useful to assert the page element's xpath. You can learn more about XPath and how to find it guide on THIS PAGE. Earlier we learnt different assertions of jmeter to use them in software load test plan so i think now you are well aware about assertion. Let's learn XPath assertion with example to know how to use it in your practical software load test plan using jmeter.

Today we are going to discuss about, one of the most popular interview question, that is “tell me the test cases for Google Search Engine? Or give at least 10 test cases for the Google Search engine” once interviewer asks this question candidate goes to uncomfortable condition, because there are lot of things google search engine can do. So this article is going to describe the test cases that we can make for the google search engine.

Initially before start telling the test cases, group them as per there type, like start telling the test cases as per the functionality, as per the UI and as per the Performance. First of all, try to think about the requirements. To get requirement we need to analyze how google works?, what is the use of google?, what functionality google offers ? this types of question to self can help us to analyze the requirements and which would help us to write the test cases in better way.