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In this article we are going to discuss about decision table.

Decision Table :
In simple word, Decision table is useful to reduce our test conditions (test cases) by elimination some test cases which has same result/output. Decision table is also called cause-effect table. We know about the techniques called boundary value analysis and equivalence class partitioning which helps us to derive the test data test. But some time it is not possible to derive the test conditions / test data from this techniques especially when it comes to the combinational testing, and complex business or working flow.

For the complex combination, Decision table is very useful, it’s not only derive the best possible test conditions but also help to reduce the test conditions. As we know, testing the application for each possible data, with each possible conditions is not possible. So we need to think practically and have to select the test cases which will help us to find maximum bugs. And also we need to select the best combination so that it will help to find all the major bugs. Means need not to select all possible combination but small effective combinations.

  • LinkedHashSet Class extends extends HashSet class and Implements Set interface in collection interface hierarchy.
  • LinkedHashSet implementation differs from HashSet as it maintains doubly-linked list running through all of its entries.
  • It maintains element's entries in set as per it's insertion order. So it will allow you insertion order iteration over the set. So when you iterate over LinkedHashSet, In which order it will return elements? Answer is As per it's insertion order.
  • So you will get same copy of elements with the order how they inserted in set. 
  • LinkedHashSetis not synchronized.
LinkedHashSet Class hierarchy

  • Set is one of the collection framework interface which extends root Collections interface.
  • Set collection can not contain duplicate elements.
  • Set interface has all methods which are inherited from Collection interface with special restriction of not allowing duplicate elements.
  • If two Set interface contains same elements then both are equal.
  • Set interface is implemented by LinkedHashSet, HashSet classes and extended by SortedSet interface which is implemented by TreeSet.
Java Set Interface hierarchy