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RAD is stands for Rapid Application Development. We can say that it is part of incremental model. In RAD model, if planning will be done perfectly then required product will be completed soon by the team as in RAD model each phase of development life cycle will be executed in parallel. Each development life cycle will be considered as a development of mini project and afterwards whole project will be completed by integration all mini projects or application. Mostly planning will be done as per the initial requirement and further if requirements will be changed then it may be covered in different group of development life cycle.

We have understood about the waterfall model and V model of Software development. Now we will get detail idea about the incremental model. Here in incremental model, whole requirement will be device in the small group. For example If we want to draw a picture of a man then first we will complete whole face features then we will draw Hands and legs, afterwards we will go for body shape and then in last stage we will finalized whole drawing by making some small changes of shapes and shades. This kind of same steps have been followed in incremental model.

V model basically used when product development will be done in sequence and in V shape which have been define in below. We will understand in details about below aspects. V model is known as verification and validation model. We can say the V model is second name of waterfall model. After the development phase, testing phase will be taken place in V model. Thus, each development life cycle will be attached with the testing phase.