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Now a days the market of mobile application is increasing rapidly. Every small or large organization, small or large business man want their own android,iPhone application. Peoples are using application for full filling their needs. There are lot of mobile application are available for user. From shopping to paying bills user now a days uses the mobile application. It help to save the time and that hectic long queue.

So testing the mobile application is different than testing the web application. In mobile application we have to face many challenges. Some of the challenges are discussed below.

  • Collection is an interface in java.
  • Collection interface extends Iterable interface.
  • In hierarchy, Collection interface is root of List, Queue and Set interfaces.

Java Collection Interface

  • It represents unit of its elements. i.e. group of objects.
  • Some collections do not allow duplicate elements but some allows duplicate elements.
  • Collection interface is base on which collection framework is built.

Severity and Priority are related to the defect like when a tester finds a bug, the bug may be the huge bug of small bug. As a tester we should be able to find out whether bug has major impact or small impact on the system so that as per the impact of the bug, developer can consider which bug solve first , many tester are get confused while selecting the Severity and Priority. The Severity is selected by the Tester and Priority is selected by the project manager or developer and sometime tester also involved in it this activity.

Let’s understand the meaning of the Severity and Priority one by one and how to find out the severity and priority of the bugs/defects.

Severity means the impact of particular bug on the software. Impact may be small one or major one. How that particular bug, impacts on the functionality of the Software is tells us the Severity of the bug. For example. Let’s say you are testing a social networking site and first is login when you tries to login in by entering the password and username then software crashes this mean the impact of bug is major on the system so severity will be high and say you have found a spelling mistake then severity of that bug will be low.
Bug Severity

Earlier have shared many tutorial examples on selenium IDE different commands and Its usage. You can view each of that example on Selenium IDE Tutorial. Still many peoples are using selenium IDE to automate their small web applications and sometimes they needs to perform compatibility testing In Google Chrome and IE browsers like submitting form, registration, login etc. activities.

We can perform these activities very easily In google chrome and IE browsers using Selenium WebDriver and you can view related tutorials link on Selenium Tutorial. Is It possible to run selenium IDE test In Google Chrome? Yes.. Follow steps given bellow to run selenium IDE test In google chrome browser.

36. What is command to start appium from command prompt?
Answer : "node appium" command from node_modules folder of appium will start appium server from command prompt. View start appium from command prompt example.

37. Is it possible to start and stop appium server programmatically?
Answer : Yes we can start appium server programmatically too. I have described two different methods on how to start and stop appium server programmatically. You can describe any one from them. View Method 1 and Method 2.

31. : Which method is used to perform scroll down to text in appium.
Answer : You can use scrollTo() method to scroll till text. View scroll down to text example.

32. : Is it possible to perform multi-touch action in appium test?
Answer : Yes, We can perform multi-touch action action in appium automation test using MultiTouchAction and TouchAction class. We can create touch action chain using MultiTouchAction and TouchAction class. View appium multi-touch action example.