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In last article we have seen about the concepts of software testing. Now in this article, we will understand the software testing procedures in detail. I must say, Testing is not a single activity. Software testing is define with the group of processes. This process have different levels like starting from planning to prepare test cases then execution steps and test closer activity. Thus, processes can be divided in below levels.

Software Testing Processes

We have seen the Defect life cycle and how can we post the bug while doing testing procedure for our application. Now In this article we will understand the concepts of software testing.

There are some concepts and theories are define for effective software testing. Below are the description of same.

Concepts of Software Testing

In last article, we have seen that how we can post the bug but each bug have their priority and severity, According to their severity and priority,  Developer team will start their work to resolve the issues. There are different type of severity in priority is defined for a bug. Here we will understand basic difference between severity and priority and how they are connected with each other.

Define Bugs