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Web application security risk is explained in OWASP. This is worldwide community for security which explained about security risk to people or organizations. Full name of OWASP is, The Open Web Application Security Project. OWASP have define different types of vulnerabilities through which unauthorized user can access data of protected site or application. OWASP have aim of speeding concerns about the security of the application. Below are the details of each vulnerabilities.

Web Application Vulnerabilities

Wireless security is connected with the protection of device like computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablet which is attached with external network. How can we control threats and vulnerability of external network with our connected device is the main aim of wireless security.


Security testing is the most important testing type for finding vulnerability in the web site. Now a day’s Online transaction have taken place for each web site so security testing is the major activity which needs to be perform in testing phase of software testing life cycle. To gain the trust of customers towards web sites, security confirmation is given positive direction. Detail description of security is explained below.

Security Testing Approach