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Recycle On EOF? is one of the multiple parameters of CSV Data Set Config configuration element. CSV Data Set Config is config element of apache jmeter and you can use it in your software load test plan if you wants to read data from csv file. You can READ MORE about CSV Data Set Config if you wants to know how it works and when to use it in your software load test plan. Here we will learn about usage of Recycle On EOF? parameter.

Test data is the data which we use while testing. The data we use to give in system while doing the testing is called test data.  Selecting the test data is very important activity. Mostly for positive flow, tester should use the data which would be used in live production environment. So this helps to capture the bugs which may arises due to the data.  Most of the bugs are related to the data, mean when we give the input data to the software, it produces the output in the form of some data, we verify the output data and compares it with the expected data.

Test Data

Earlier we learnt about CSV Data Set Config and how to use it software load test plan to read data from csv file as described in my PREVIOUS POST. So now here we will talk only about usage of allow quoted data? parameter of CSV data set config.