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CSV Data Set Config is one of the configuration element of Apache JMeter software load testing tool. CSV Data Set Config allows you to read variable values from csv file and then you can use those values in samples of your software load test plan as per your requirement. Here we will see, How to add CSV Data Set Config in your software load test plan and how to read data from csv file. Let's learn with example.

Estimation very important thing in project, estimation nothing but estimating the effort that is require to test particular thing, estimation is more of a time required to test the software application. There are certain level of formulas and techniques which help to estimate the software effort required to test the particular piece of software.

As we know time is very important in IT industries, as we do each and every thing by define the certain time span. Sometime estimation can also go wrong, there are some unavoidable circumstances which can cause the delay. Means that even you do estimation but you cannot sure that everything will go as you estimate.

Let’s move ahead, I will tell you how you can estimate the time and effort required to evaluate any software. Basically estimation is mostly done by the QA manager some time it is also done by QA Team, but estimation is not done Junior QA. You might thing why not junior QA? So the reason is to estimate testing effort required, QA manager use his past experience and as based on those past experience QA manager estimate the time required for the testing. Estimation all comes from the past experience on similar project and resources available for testing.

Earlier we have learn different components of Counter config element of Jmeter and how to use it in your software load test plan with example in THIS ARTICLE. So here we will not discuss all those things and directly focus on usage of "Track Counter Independently for each User" parameter of Counter config element and how it will works in your software load test plan with practical example.