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Independent word itself describes that other person cannot present their views in our working system. In Independent testing single resource or team is handling all the process of testing phase of an application. It has their own risks and benefits which we will see in further description of independent testing.
ISTQB - Independent Testing

In last article we have seen about the software testing procedures. Now in this article we will discuss about the different kind of anatomy of Software testing. Anatomy of testing have been described with below scenarios.

Anatomy of software Testing

In last article we have seen about the detail description about the 3rd level of software testing process. Now let’s move to the other level. Level 4, in which we have to define exit criteria. In First level we have Planned about testing phases, In 2nd level we have design the test cases, In 3rd level we have executed & implement the testing phases & Now in level 4, we will define the exit criteria and In level 5 final Test closure procedure & Activity will be done.

Test Exit Criteria