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In last article, we have seen the verification procedure of software testing. Now lets move to the validation procedure. In this procedure we need to compile the application and need to check that all the requirements are fulfilled. Each and Every functions of the application must be working properly.
Goal of validation is not connect with organization of user need. 

Validation process will be performed after the validation process of an application. Thus, we can say that after completing the development procedure only we can start validation. Validation is done at the end of the development phase.

Validation will give the answer of a question like, Am I building a right product?. IF any data is required then am I using the proper data for my application. This answer have been given by validation procedure.

In last article we have seen about the software quality and we have completed first chapter of ISTQB there. Now let’s begin with chapter number 2. It is all about the testing lifecycle. Verification is part of the same.

We can define verification as we can deliver the product which satisfied all the functionality and requirements of client.

Verification needs to be started at very early stage of software development life cycle. Infect first step should be taken as verification. Verification have their own levels. First level is review of the requirements, walkthrough meetings and Inspection meetings. This all term we will discuss later on. This all are the levels that came under verification group. In verification we need to evaluate the documents, test plans, Code Review & requirement specifications. This all are part of verification procedure. 

In last article, we have define the independent testing. Now in this article, we will understand the quality of software. Quality of software can be described with bug fee or defect free software. Software can be fulfilled with all requirements and needs to be delivered on time. This point is also covered on software quality.

Quality of Software