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ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications board) examination is based on software testing that have been known by past articles now here we need to understand that what is the goal of software testing in software development life cycle. While building a software are we really meet the purpose of software testing ? What should be the objective of testing? This will be covered in this article.

Goals Of Software Testing

As we have seen in last article that failure and defect can be leads to the big damage of the application but here we will note down all the points from where defect and failure can be occurred and how we can prevent the same? 

How a defect occurs in software?

There are some points through which error can be occurred, like,

We have already understood what is ‘software testing’ in software development life cycle. Here we will learn how it is required and important. In normal language, we can say that software testing means find the bugs from application but ideally testers are finding human error which have been made by developers by mistake. Some mistakes can be ignored and some of them can be very critical.

What is requirement for testing