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Today we are going to see the installation of Python in Eclipse, so that we can use the python as a scripting language for writing the script for selenium WebDriver. Before that let’s see why python is preferred over java.

Preference Python over Java with Selenium  

There is an observation that most of the times python is used with selenium due to following points:
  1. Python is favored programming language as it runs faster than Java programs.
  2. Python uses indentation which is easy to use rather than using traditional braces to start and end block of code while programming.
  3. Python is easy to code due to dynamic typing as compared to static typing in java which can increase chances of syntactical error.
  4. Python is compact and easy to handle as compared to Java.

In last article we have understood about the iterative model and in this article we will get details about the spiral model. This model is one kind of software development life cycle model. 

ISTQB - Spiral Model

In last article we have understood about the spiral model, Now we will about to understand for Prototype model which is widely used for software development. This would be the last model of software development. In prototype model, we are creating the replica of the original product or application first which will be observed and identified deeply. After the engineering phase will be done for product or application, we are including clients here for their feedback on product replica. Here Design and coding is not directly applied but before that one prototype have been created which will give us the actual feel or the product or application and client will understood that properly and list down more requirements, updates and changes which needs to be note before the actual development.

ISTQB - Prototype Model