Latest Interview Questions For Android App Automation

21. : Which android version is supported by appium?
Answer : Appium support Android 17+ API level versions only. You need to use selendroid if you have older version of android API level. View MORE DETAILS.

22. : How to configure appium project in eclipse?
Answer : Appium project configuration steps are given on THIS PAGE.
23. : What are the different desired capabilities required to run appium test?
Answer : In order to run appium test, You need to define bellow given desired capabilities. You can VIEW EXAMPLE on how to set desired capabilities in appium software automation test.

  • deviceName
  • platformName
  • appPackage
  • appActivity
24. : Can we run iOS automation test in windows using appium?
Answer : No, You can not run iOS automation test in windows as Appium relies on OS X-only libraries to support iOS testing. You can use Remote Server option to connect to appium server which is running on MAC.

25. : Is it possible to run android appium test in emulator?
Answer : Yes, You can run android appium software automation in real device as well in emulators too. VIEW EXAMPLE on how to run android software automation tests in emulator using appium.

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