Latest Appium Interview Questions

11. : How to configure android device to run software test using appium in devices?
Answer : In order to run software automation tests using appium in android device, You need to enable USB debugging in your android device. VIEW DETAILS on how to enable USB debugging in android device.

12. : Tell me the command name for windows to verify that android device is connected with PC.
Answer : You can run adb devices command in windows to make sure that device is connected properly with PC to run appium tests on it.

13. : Appium support multiple languages?
Answer : Yes, Appium support multiple languages to create test cases. List of appium supported languages is given on THIS PAGE.

14. : Which tool you are using to locate elements of android software app? How to use it?
Answer : I am using UI Automator Viewer tool which is provided by android SDK to locate elements of android app. How to use it detail is given on THIS PAGE.

15. : Can we locate android app's elements from emulator using UI Automator Viewer tool?
Answer : Yes, UI Automator Viewer tool support physical android devices as well as android emulators so you can use it to inspect app's elements from android emulators too.

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