Selenium WebDriver Questions Part - 7

Part 7

31 : Can you tell me the names of different projects of selenium software automation testing tool?
Answer : At present, Selenium software automation testing tool has four different projects as bellow.
  • Selenium IDE : It Is Firefox add-on which allows you to record and playback your software web application's tests In Firefox browser.
  • Selenium RC : It Is software web application automation tool which allows you to write your tests In many different programming languages.
  • Selenium WebDriver : It Is well designed object oriented API developed to automate web and mobile software application testing process. You can write your tests In different languages too In selenium webdriver.
  • Selenium Grid : Grid allows you to execute your tests In parallel by distributing them on different machines having different browser/OS combinations.

32 : I wants to use java language to create tests with Selenium WebDriver. Can you tell me how to get latest version of WebDriver?
Answer : You can download language specific latest released client drivers for selenium WebDriver software testing tool at official website. For java language, You will get bunch of jar files In zip folder. And then you can add all those jar files In your project's java build path as a referenced libraries to get support of webdriver API.

33 : Can you tell me the usage of "submit" method In selenium WebDriver?
Answer : We can use submit method to submit the forms In selenium WebDriver software automation testing tool. Example : Submitting registration form, submitting LogIn form, submitting Contact Us form ect.. After filling all required fields, We can call submit method to submit the form. VIEW EXAMPLE.

34 : Do you have faced any Issue with "submit" method any time?
Answer : Yes, I have faced Issue like submit method was not working to submit the form. In this case, Submit button of form was located outside the opening <form> and closing </form> tags. In this case submit method will not works to submit the form.

Also If submit button Is located Inside opening <form> and closing </form> tags but that button's type tag's attribute Isn't submit then submit method will not work. It(type tag's attribute) should be always submit.

35 : What Is the syntax to type value In prompt dialog box's Input field using selenium WebDriver?
Answer : Prompt dialog Is just like confirmation alert dialog but with option of Input text box as bellow.

To Input value In that text box of prompt dialog, You can use bellow given syntax.


  1. thanks for the post.. I have one question
    How about the Prompt dialog having 2 text boxes? How to input 2 values?

  2. You have to use tab send key and take control to next text box