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Java Collections Framework

What is Java Collections Framework?
Java Collections Framework is group of different interfaces, classes and algorithms. In simple word, Collection means single unit of objects and framework means good architecture. It is best architecture to store group of reusable objects and manipulate them. Collection framework has many different interfaces, their sub interfaces and classes, their classes and sub classes. All the interfaces and classes has different purpose. You can perform add, edit, delete, search, sort, etc operations on group of objects as per class's methods and implementation.

Java Collections Framework

Main Advantages Of Collection Framework
  • Main advantage of collection framework is it will reduces your programming efforts as there are ready made interfaces, classes and their methods which you can use directly in your program to perform operation on object collection. 
  • Collection is well structure framework so you code quality and speed will be increased.
  • Anyone can use collection very easily as it's interfaces, classes and methods very easy to understand and use.
Interfaces and Classes of Collection Framework
Collection, Set, List, Queue, Deque, SortedSet, Map and SortedMap are core interfaces of collection framework. Detailed description of collection framework's interfaces and it's classes is given on below given pages.

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