Selenium Advanced Interview Questions With Detailed Answers

Part 20

93 : Tell me the class name using which we can generate Action chain.

Answer : The WebDriver class name Using which we can generate Action chain Is "Actions". VIEW USAGE OF ACTIONS CLASS with practical example on how to generate series of actions to drag and drop element of software web application.

94 : Do you know method name using which we can builds up the actions chain? 

Answer : Method name of Actions class to build up actions chain Is "build()". THIS EXAMPLE will show you how to build drag and drop element on software web page by x,y pixel actions using build() method.

95 : When we can use Actions class In Selenium WebDriver test case? 

Answer : Few of the examples are bellow where can use actions class to perform operations In software web application.
96 : Can we capture screenshot In Selenium WebDriver software testing tool? How?

Answer : We can use selenium webdriver TakesScreenshot method to capture screenshot. Java File class will be used to store screenshot In your system's local drive. You can view how to capture screenshot In selenium webdriver on THIS PAGE.

97 : Selenium WebDriver has any built In method using which we can read data from excel file?

Answer : No, Selenium webdriver software testing tool do not have any built In functionality using which we can read data from excel file.

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