TestNG Interview Questions And Answers For Selenium WebDriver

Part 16

73 : How to set priority of @Test method? What Is Its usage?

Answer : In your software web application's test case, you can set priority for TestNG @Test annotated methods as bellow.

Using priority, We can control @Test method execution manner as per our requirement. That means @Test method with priority = 0 will be executed 1st and @Test method with priority = 1 will be executed 2nd and so on. VIEW PRACTICAL EXAMPLE to know how to use It.

74 : Tell me any 5 assertions of TestNG which we can use In selenium webdriver software testing tool.

Answer : There are many different assertions available In TestNG but generally I am using bellow given assertions In my test cases.
  1. assertEquals VIEW EXAMPLE
  2. assertNotEquals VIEW EXAMPLE
  3. assertTrue VIEW EXAMPLE
  4. assertFalse VIEW EXAMPLE
  5. assertNull VIEW EXAMPLE
  6. assertNotNull VIEW EXAMPLE

75 : Can you tell me usage of TestNG Soft Assertion In selenium webdriver software testing tool

Answer : Using TestNG soft assertion, We can continue our test execution even if assertion fails. That means on failure of soft assertion, remaining part of @Test method will be executed and assertion failure will be reported at the end of @Test method. VIEW PRACTICAL EXAMPLE.

76 : How to write regular expression In testng.xml file to search @Test methods containing "product" keyword.

Answer : Regular expression to find @Test methods containing keyword "product" Is as bellow In selenium webdriver software testing tool.
     <include name=".*product.*"/>


77 : Which time unit we provide In time test? minutes? seconds? milliseconds? or hours? Give Example.

Answer : Time unit we provide on @Test method level or test suite level Is In milliseconds.You can VIEW FULL EXAMPLE to know how to set time out.