Selenium WebDriver DDF : Creating Function To Get Element From Page

We have created object repository In selenium webdriver data driven framework creation STEP 27. So now, our all web element's xpath or CSSPath or any other locators will be stored In object repository Instead of test cases files. Now let us try to compact webdriver code by creating getElementByXPath function to return web page element on demand.

Prerequisite : Previous 27 Steps Of WebDriver data driven framework creation listed on THIS PAGE should be Implemented.

getElementByXPath Function
I have created 2 getElementByXPath functions In class to get Its access In all test cases. First getElementByXPath function has only one Input parameter and second overloaded method has three Input parameters as bellow.

getElementByXPath(String, int, String)

  • In first getElementByXPath function, You have to pass web element's xpath key value as Input. The code of this function will locate and return the element from web page If found. Else It will return null.
  • In second getElementByXPath function, You have to pass web element's xpath key1(1st part of xpath), Integer Value and xpath key2(2nd part of xpath). These three Input parameters will create full XPath for web element and code of this function will locate and return element from the web page If found. Else It will return null.
You will find both these functions In class file when you download Step folder at bellow.

How To Use getElementByXPath Function In Test Cases
If you have single key of xpath then you can use getElementByXPath function as bellow. It will click on button whose key Is 'btn_Plus' In object repository file.
Example : 

If you have to build dynamic xpath of element then you can use getElementByXPath function as bellow. Here we are sending 3 parameters to getElementByXPath function to build full xpath of element. btn_Calc_PrePart and btn_Calc_PostPart are static and will be retrieved from object repository file. ValueOne can be any Integer value so we can name It dynamic xpath generation.
Example :

I have Implemented both these functions In test case file to retrieve element from web page.

Download Required Files
You need to download and modified files. You will get both these files In bellow given zip folder.
Extract the folder and replace and files with existing files In eclipse.

Running Test
Now you can run your test from .bat file and observe the execution. There Is not any flow change In this step but just observe that you are not getting any error during execution.

If you not understand how getElementByXPath function Is working then put break point In your test case and run your test In debug mode from testng.xml file and debug step by step execution. Let me know If you have any query In this step by commenting bellow.

What We Have Achieved In This Step
We have Implemented getElementByXPath function In our data driven framework to get web element from the page. This will compact your webdriver code size and will make test cases easy to understand.

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