Using "verifyEditable" and "verifyNotEditable" commands with example in selenium IDE

"verifyEditable" and "verifyNotEditable" commands are verification commands in selenium IDE and useful to check targeted element is editable or not. You need to perform this king of verification on input elements like text box, buttons, check box, radio buttons to get the editable status at certain time. "verifyEditable" and
"verifyNotEditable" commands will not take any action if command execution fail but it will write true or false in log.

Use of "verifyEditable" Command
"verifyEditable" command will examine that element is editable or not and pass if targeted element is editable else return '[error] false' in log.

Selenium "verifyNotEditable" Command Use
If targeted element is editable then "verifyNotEditable" command will fail and write '[error] true' in to log and if targeted element is not editable then it will become pass.

New Test

verifyNotEditable//input[@name='country']hello friends

In above example, 1st and second commands will pass successfully because both conditions will match perfectly. 3rd command "verifyNotEditable" will fail and return '[error] true' in log to describe that element '//input[@name='email']' is editable. 4th command 'verifyEditable' will return '[error] false' because element '//input[@name='country']' is not editable.

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