Selenium IDE - Understanding General Settings Of Options Window

There are couple of advanced options available in selenium IDE like increasing timeout, attaching user extensions, attaching data file, and few other. Let describe here couple of them for your reference.

To open selenium IDE option window, Click on Options > Options from main menu. It will open option
window as shown in bellow figure. Click on General tab.

Changing Default timeout in Selenium IDE
Look into above image, there is one text box with label "Default timeout value of recorded command in milliseconds". You can change default timeout value from that text box. By default, it will be 30000 milliseconds. Default timeout value affects on execution of selenium IDE script. Suppose you set 50000 milliseconds then during execution, every command can take maximum 50000 milliseconds for execution. If command can not complete execution in given time then selenium IDE will return error like "[error] Timed out after 30000 ms".

Attaching user extensions with selenium IDE
You can extend selenium IDE function by attaching your own made extensions(Only in .js format) as per your requirement. You can attach your extension in "Selenium Core extensions (user-extensions.js)" field.Simply click on browse button to select your user extension. You can attach multiple user extension files over there.

Click here to download user extension file for "while", "endWhile", "gotoIf", "gotoLabel" and "push" commands.

(Note : Don't forget to restart selenium IDE after attaching user extension otherwise it will not affect and work)

Attaching data file with selenium IDE
There is one another field with name "Selenium IDE Extensions". Here you can attach data file(only in .js format)

(Note : Don't forget to restart selenium IDE after attaching data file otherwise it will not affect and work)

Remember Base URL
Used for remember last base URL. If selected then it will remember base URL which was used last time and appear in base URL field when you open selenium IDE window. If not selected then it will display blank when you open Selenium IDE.

Record assertTitle automatically
If selected, When you will navigate from one page to another page, Selenium IDE will add "assertTitle" command in your script during recording of selenium script.

Record absolute URL
If selected, Selenium will record absolute URL(with http: or https: Protocol) during recording.

Start recording immediately on open
If selected, selenium will start recording of script as soon as you open selenium IDE.


  1. Thanks for info.

  2. I have configured user-extension.js file. But facing an issue at endwhile. It throws an error "Unknown command endwhile".

  3. I have configured user-extensions.js but it throws an error "unknown command endwhile"