Working with "verifyTable" and "verifyNotTable" commands with example in selenium IDE

"verifyTable" Command

When you are working with table content with selenium IDE then you must have knowledge of how to use "verifyTable" Command. "verifyTable" Command verifies the text of targeted table's row and column. With "verifyTable" Command, you must have to specify your row and column matrix with target element. Example table.0.1 describes row no 0 and column no 1.

In bellow given example, "verifyTable" Command will verifies that table's row no 0 and column no 1 contains text "Last Name" or not. It will be pass if actual value match with given value in value field else it will return error message in log. In this case it will be pass. You can check it your self by replacing text "Last Name"
with "ABC". It will return error message but as per verify command property, it will not stop execution of remaining commands.

New Test
verifyTablecss=#main > table.0.1Last Name
verifyNotTablecss=#main > table.0.0First Name

"verifyNotTable" command
Here is the opposite behaviour than the "verifyTable" Command. "verifyNotTable" command verifies the text on given table location and if match found then it will return error message. In above given example it will return error message because target table location "css=#main > table.0.0" already contains text = "First Name".

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