Use of "setSpeed" and "setTimeout" commands in selenium IDE

"setSpeed" and "setTimeout" are very basic useful commands in selenium IDE software testing tool. User can control selenium speed and timeout period when running the software test script.

"setSpeed" Command
"setSpeed" Command setup the delay between two command execution or we can say it is useful to managing the execution speed of  selenium IDE software. By default there is not any such delay but if your software web application is slow then you have to use "setSpeed" Command in your script.

Here is the simple example where i have set up 3000 millisecond speed. First run this software test script with "setSpeed" Command and then run it by removing "setSpeed" Command to see its difference.

New Test
clickAndWaitcss=#gb_2 > span.gbts
clickAndWaitcss=#gb_8 > span.gbts
clickAndWaitcss=#gb_78 > span.gbts

See more examples of selenium IDE.

"setTimeout" command
"setTimeout" command controlling the timeout period for the action to complete. If your application is too much slow then obviously it will take more time to complete specific request. By default selenium's timeout period is 30000 milliseconds. Now supposing if your application is slow and it is taking more than 30000 milliseconds to complete the request then your script will fail after 30000 milliseconds. To increase this timeout period we can use "setTimeout" command.

In above given software test example, I have set 50000 millisecond timeout period so that it will wait till 50000 miliseconds to complete specific request.

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