Use of "mouseOver", "mouseOut", "mouseOverAndWait" and "mouseOutAndWait" commands in selenium IDE

You can use mouseOver and mouseOut command when your targeted software web page element has effect on mouse over and mouse out. Targeted element can be button or image or link or anything else. 

Suppose you have one image on software web page and it is changing image when you move mouse on it. Now if you want to see this effect with selenium IDE software test then you can use "mouseOver" and "mouseOut" Commands. Let we see it with example.

"mouseOver" Command

On Google search page, there is one button named "Google search". That button's text becomes dark when we put mouse cursor on button and it becomes light when we remove mouse cursor from button. Let we check it with selenium IDE software testing tool.
New Test

In this example "mouseOver" command will put mouse cursor on button id=gbqfba virtually. You can see its
effect on button. Button's text will remain darker for 5 seconds because i have used "pause" 5 second command after "mouseOver" command.

"mouseOut" Command
In above example, mouseOut command will remove mouse cursor from button "Google search" after 5 seconds.

"mouseOverAndWait" and "mouseOutAndWait" Command

You need to use "mouseOverAndWait" and "mouseOutAndWait" commands when you move in or move out mouse cursor from target element and page get reloaded. Other function is same as mouseOver and mouseOut command.


  1. Very Helpful and Simple to Understand Selenium IDE Commands. through which any New User to Selenium IDE can actually the leverage the Use of it

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  5. its not working.. no effect seen as i am using same test case for google search button..

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