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Selenium IDE assertions "assertTitle" and "assertNotTitle" are used for asserting title of page. It will be useful when you want to check the title of each and every page. Selenium IDE has facility of Recording assertTitle automatically during recording of selenium script. It will add "assertTitle" command in your

"selectPopUp" command
"selectPopUp" command works same as "selectWindow" command. Sometimes when you click on link then it is opening new window popup. If you want to perform some actions on new opened popup window then you need to select that popup first then and then you can perform any action on new window. In such

Using "keypress" command in selenium
"keypress" command in selenium is very useful when you want to press keyboard keys like “Enter” key, “Up-Down arrows” key, “Backspace” key, “Shift” key, etc.. "keypress" command works like user pressing and then releasing that key. You need to provide targeted element locator (Where you want to press and

Globbing Patterns - selenium Matching Text Patterns

Globbing Patterns is the one of the matching text patterns in selenium. You can describe expected text pattern with command's target column and can use it with verify and assert commands. We can use globbing pattern when expected text string is dynamic and can use with commands like verifyTitle, assertText, verifyTextPresent, assertTextPresent etc.

When you are getting dynamic text every time when you reload page or taking some action in that case

"assertTextPresent" command

"assertTextPresent" command is useful for verifying and asserting selenium if given text is not present on page. It will return false as error if specified text is not present on page and will stop execution.

New Test
Command Target Value
assertTextPresent Maps
verifyTextPresent Maps

In above example, selenium IDE software testing tool will stop execution if text "Maps" not present on page.


"assertTextNotPresent" command

"assertTextNotPresent" is assertion for if specified text present on software web page. You can use this command when