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What is selenium webdriver and how it help us in software testing process?

Webdriver in selenium ( is an Interface and it is designed to overcome some limitations of selenium RC software testing tool. However selenium WebDriver's development is in process so still there are few limitations and known issues available in selenium WebDriver. Selenium WebDriver is also known as Selenium 2 and used for web as well mobile

Pending commands list in part 1 with tutorial link are listed in bellow given table. Click on command link to view selenium IDE software testing tool's command example. I tried my best to cover all commands of selenium IDE software testing tool. You can suggest me if any command is pending to list in these tables by commenting bellow this post.

Selenium IDE commands with examples
There are many commands available in selenium IDE software testing tool. I have prepared one selenium commands list and linked some selenium ide command with its examples. So you can click on command link(From bellow given selenium ide commands list table) to view how to and where to use that command with example. This full selenium command list will help you to learn selenium IDE software testing tool on beginning level.

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Pending command's(Which are not linked) example creation is in process. you can subscribe via email for

Here let me describe you main difference between assert and verify in selenium IDE software testing tool and selenium RC software testing tool. assert and verify commands are useful for verifying condition match or not.

Verify command will verify the condition and if its not match, it will give error message in Log area and will start executing next commands. while in assert command, if condition does not match then it will stop remaining script execution in selenium IDE software testing tool.

Note : Do you wants to learn more examples of selenium IDE software testing tool's commands? View this full tutorial guide.

In bellow example, you can understand difference better.

New Test
Command Target Value
verifyText css=#gb_2 > span.gbts xyz
assertText css=#gb_2 > span.gbts xyz
verifyText css=#gb_2 > span.gbts Images

Here element "css=#gb_2 > span.gbts" contains text "Images"

In this example, first "verifyText" command will go for checking that element "css=#gb_2 > span.gbts" contains text "xyz"? it