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Selecting new opened window using "selectWindow" command in selenium IDE is very easy if new window has title or name. Click here to view example of "selectWindow" command with title as a target. If window has title then we can add it's title in target field with "selectWindow" command and this way selenium

Working with the multiple windows in selenium IDE is not hard. Many selenium IDE users asking me for this question so let me try to explain it. You need to handle multiple windows many time of software applications regression testing using selenium IDE or any other tools. As you all knows, selenium IDE is not too much

"selectPopUp" command
"selectPopUp" command works same as "selectWindow" command. Sometimes when you click on link then it is opening new window popup. If you want to perform some actions on new opened popup window then you need to select that popup first then and then you can perform any action on new window. In such

"waitForPopUp" Command

Remember one thing that selenium IDE software automation testing tool can handle only one window at a time. When you are taking some action like clicking on link or button and open new popup window then how to handle it in selenium IDE software automation tool? "selectWindow" command will help you to select window but before that you need to verify that your expected window is open or not. "waitForPopUp" command will help you to wait until your expected window is not open. 

You can give JavaScript window "name" of the window in to target of "waitForPopUp" command. If you leave target blank or "null" then "waitForPopUp" will wait for the first non-top window to appear. Put