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Setting wait condition in Selenium IDE or webdriver means pausing your test case execution till expected wait condition match with actual wait condition. You can view different wait condition examples for selenium IDE in THIS LINK and for web driver on THIS LINK. Selenium IDE has 2 related waiting commands to

How to use "verifyElementPresent" in selenium

"verifyelementpresent" command in selenium is useful for verification of element presence on page. Selenium ide will verify element present and return "[error] false" if targeted element is not present on page. Else it will becomes pass. Verify element present in selenium will check availability of element on page. I have recorded best example as bellow for "verifyelementpresent" command to describe how verify element present in selenium ide works. This command of selenium will check if element is present on page.

Using "waitForElementPresent" command to waiting for element

Sometimes elements takes time to appear on page when you are navigating through pages or clicking on

Selenium IDE "sendKeys" command

"sendKeys" command works like type command in selenium IDE but there are 2 more functions as bellow in "sendKeys" command which are not available in "type" command. Generally "sendKeys" command is very useful in auto complete text boxes or combo boxes which require explicit key events.

1. "sendKeys" command will not replace the existing text content in the text box where as "type" command