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Download selenium webdriver and install selenium webdriver is easy. You need to download selenium jar files. Then configure downloaded selenium jar files in eclipse. Actually there is nothing to install except JDK. Let me describe you step by step process of download, installation and configuration of web driver software and other required components. You can view my post about "What is selenium webdriver" if you wants to know difference between WebDriver and selenium RC software tool.

(Note : I am suggesting you to take a tour of Basic selenium commands tutorials with examples before going ahead for webdriver. It will improve your basic knowledge and helps you to create webdriver scripts very easily. )

Steps To Setup and configure Selenium Webdriver With Eclipse and Java

Apache JMeter Introduction
Let me introduce to you about apache jmeter before jmeter download. Apache JMeter is pure Java software application and open source performance testing tool of software web application. Initially it was developed for software web application load testing but now its features are extended and you can use it for measuring performance of server/script/object like HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, Database, LDAP, JMS and many more. You can use it for measuring performance of network, server or object by simulating heavy load from multiple concurrent virtual users. Jmeter looks like a browser but it is not a browser. Jmater can not perform all those action like executing javascript of HTML page, rendering HTML page of software web application, etc.

jmeter download