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As you know, WebDriver is software web application regression testing tool and you will face many problems during your webdriver test case creation and execution. You must knows alternate solution if one not works for your software automation test scenario. For example, you have used IMPLICIT WAIT in your software automation test case but if it is not sufficient to handle your condition of waiting till element becomes invisible from page then you can use it's alternative way of using EXPLICIT WAIT in your test case.

Sometimes you need selenium wait until element is visible when your targeted element is not visible on page when page is loading.  If you can put something like wait until element is visible selenium java test then test execution will wait until condition match. In any software web application's webdriver test case, you can easily wait for presence of element using IMPLICIT WAIT. If you have used implicit wait in your test case then you do not require to write any extra conditional statement to wait for element visibility. But in some cases, if any element is taking too much time to be visible on software web page then you can use EXPLICIT WAIT condition in your test case.

WebDriver has many Canned Expected Conditions by which we can force webdriver to wait explicitly. However Implicit wait is more practical than explicit wait in WebDriver software testing tool. But in some special cases where implicit wait is not able to handle your scenario then in that case you need to use explicit waits in your software automation test cases. You can view different posts on explicit waits where I have described WebDriver's different Canned Expected conditions with examples.

As we have seen in my previous posts, we can use textToBePresentInElementLocated(By, String) WebDriver condition to wait for text present on page and we can use elementToBeClickable(By locator) to wait for element clickable/present on page. If you read both those posts, We had used explicit waits in both the cases and both are canned expected conditions of webdriver so we can use them directly in our test case without any modifications. selenium wait until alert is present is useful to pause test execution until alert dispalyed on page.

Some times you need to wait for textwait for elementwait for alert before performing actions in your regular software web application test cases of selenium webdriver. Generally we need to use this types of conditions in our test case when software web application page is navigating from one page to other page. In my previous post, we have seen how to write and use wait for element syntax in our test case. Now let we see how can we force webdriver to wait if expected text is not displayed on targeted element of software web application page.

In my previous post, We have seen how to wait implicitly in selenium webdriver software testing tool. Let me remind you one thing is implicit wait will be applied to all elements of test case by default while explicit will be applied to targeted element only. This is the difference between implicit wait and explicit wait. Still I am suggesting you to use implicit wait in your test script. You need selenium wait for element to be clickable when element is not clickable on page takes long time to load all elements. Explicate wait is useful for selenium wait until element is clickable.