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We have learnt most of all the way of locating element in webdriver software testing tool like Locating Element By ID, Locating Element By Name, Locating Element By Class Name, Locating Element By Tag Name, Locating Element By Link Text Or Partial Link and Locating Element By CSS Selector. One another method of locating element in selenium webdriver software testing tool is By XPATH of element. It is most popular and best way to locate element in WebDriver software testing tool . However you can use other ways too to locate element from page of software web application.

WebDriver support many different element locating methods and locating element by it's CSS Path is one of the most popular way in webdriver software automation testing tool. If you not want to use by id, name, tag name, class name or link text as your locator then you can locate that element on page of software web application by it's CSS path. Read this tutorial to learn different ways of writing CSS path for any software web application's page element. You can get CSS path of any

In my previous posts what we have learn is we can Locate Element By NameLocate Element By IDLocate Element By Class Name And Locate Element By Tag Name to take any action on that element of software web application. We will look about different Selenium WebDriver software testing tool's actions and operations in my upcoming posts. Now let us learn two more element locators 1. Locate Element By Link Text and 2. Locate Element By Partial Link Text on software web application page.

Selenium WebDriver/Selenium 2 is web and mobile software application regression testing tool and it is using element locators to find out and perform actions on web elements of software application. We have learn Element Locating by ID, Element Locating By Tag Name and Locating element by Class Name with examples in my previous posts. Locating Element By Name is very useful method and many

We have learn about Locating element by ID and Locating element by Class Name for application software web page with examples in my previous posts. Let me repeat once more that if software web page's element contains ID then we can locate element by its ID and if software web page's element do not have ID and contains Class Name then we can locate an element by Class Name.

There are many different ways of locating elements in webdriver for your software web application page and I have described one of them in my PREVIOUS POST with example. In webdriver, we can't do any thing on web page of software web application if you don't know how to locate an element. As you know, we can use element's ID to locate that specific element but suppose if your element do not have any ID then how will you locate that element on page of software application? Locating web element by className is good alternative if your element contains class name. We can locate element By Tag Name, By Name, By Link Text, By Partial Link Text, By CSS and By XPATH too but will look about them in my next posts.

Before using WebDriver software testing tool, You must be aware about different ways of locating an elements in WebDriver for software web application. Locating an element is essential part in selenium WebDriver because when you wants to take some action on element (typing text or clicking on button of software web application), first you need to locate that specific element to perform action. Let's learn how to locate element by ID.