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If you see selenium IDE commands with examples on COMMAND LIST PART 1 and COMMAND LIST PART 2, You will find many commands to perform different actions on web page. But still selenium IDE have not any commands to perform few actions directly like showing hidden element or hiding any

Before discussing on enabling/disabling any element in selenium IDE, Let me tell you one thing - Selenium IDE is less powerful compared to Selenium RC and WebDriver, we can not perform all the tasks in selenium IDE. But still we can automate simple flows very easily in selenium IDE compared to webdriver because

"runScript" command can be used for the different purpose in different condition. You can use it to run any java script in selenium IDE. View my previous 3 posts where i have described how to use "runScript" command for different purpose. Today we are taking one example of changing page title using "runScript"

"runScript" command Example 1 and Example 2 will describe you how to generate alert message in selenium IDE. Now let we go at next step. Supposing i have a drop down containing labels Volvo, Saab, Opel, Audi, Toyota and Renault. I want to pick one specific label from it to store it in to variable to

In my previous post, I described how to generate alert message using "runScript" command in selenium IDE. In this example, Let we see how can we show variable value inside alert using "runScript" command. Copy paste bellow given example in your selenium IDE and run it.

Example 2 : "runScript" Command With Variable In Script

Many blog readers were asking me for "runScript" command examples. Finally i got some time to prepare few examples for "runScript" command. There is not one specific use of "runScript" command but we can use it in different ways for different conditions. BTW, you can Look at different examples of using javascript with selenium IDE.

Many tutorial post are available for selenium IDE Mouse related commands but mouse scrolling event was missing from them till now. You need mouse scrolling event when you are testing software application like Facebook. In Facebook, post are loaded on mouse scrolling if you have seen. In this kind of scenario,

I posted other posts too for "storeEval". Click here to view more tutorials of selenium IDE "storeEval" command. In software testing using selenium IDE, many times you needs to verify or compare the number of records list during activity like searching, adding or deleting records. Generally, record count displayed on

There are many advanced selenium IDE tutorial posts available about different commands, methods and selenium IDE plugins and i think that all of them will help you to make your software testing process easy using selenium IDE. Now let me tell you one more interesting and most useful command to include in your

We already learnt about random number generation and concatenation of random number with other string like email id in Selenium IDE - Generating random number using javascript with example post. Now let me give you few examples for generating random alpha numeric string, generating only random numeric

Sometimes you need random numbers in your regression test case of software web application. Let me give you examples.
1. searching records with record id on web application
2. Creating and accessing URLs for random record ids.

In this kind of conditions, you need to generate random numbers to feed data.Selenium IDE has not any built

Parameterization in selenium IDE using data.js file is described with example in my previous post. You must have Advanced Selenium IDE knowladge for Parameterization in selenium IDE. Now Parameterization using "push" command is another way of data driven testing in selenium IDE for your software web application regression of functional testing. Please note, "push" command is not supported by default in selenium IDE so you need to attach (Click here for how to

Data driven testing using selenium IDE software automation testing tool is not much more hard but initially you need to configure selenium IDE before you proceed for Parameterization using Advanced Selenium IDE features. There are 2 methods of Parameterization in selenium IDE software testing tool. Let me describe 1st method of Parameterization in this post. You can read my next post

How to use "while" and "endWhile" command in selenium IDE software testing tool
"while" command is not supported by default in selenium IDE software automation testing tool. Selenium IDE also not supporting any conditional(if condition) commands by default. To get support of "while" loop as a Advanced Selenium IDE feature, You need to attach user extension with selenium IDE software testing tool. You can read my post about how to attach user extension with selenium IDE.

I shared user extension file for "while" loop command. Click here to download selenium IDE user extension file for "while" and "endWhile" Commands and save it in your hard drive(only in .js format)

Selenium "storeEval" command
"storeEval" command is generally used with scripts in selenium IDE software testing tool. It is useful to store result of the script in to specified variable and latter on we can use that variable's value whenever required.

'storedVars' - JavaScript associative array
'storedVars' is JavaScript associative array having string indexes and is useful to manipulate or access a variable value within a JavaScript snippet.

"verifyEval" Command in selenium IDE plug in

"verifyEval" Command is very useful when you want to compare two values or string especially when you want to compare result of script with stored values in variable.

In bellow given example, I have compared value(5) stored in variable "VarA" with result of javascript{2+3}" script. It will becomes true because 5 = javascript{2+3}. You can verify reverse result by editing these