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In android automation test, Sometimes you need to verify if element is present or not on native  software app's screen before taking some action. Example : You wants to click on button only if some other element is present on screen of software app. You will face this kind of situation and you have to find out how to verify element is present or not on page. There is not any built in function in selenium to check if element is present or not on page of software app. So we need to find-out some work around which can help us to check if element is present or not on page.

Appium software test execution video recording Is required when you are executing very large tests and perform multitasking. Recording android device's screen video during software automation testing can helps you to find out when Issue occurred and what are the steps to reproduce Issue. You can Identify why your software test Is failing by looking In to video recording.

There are many different software available using which you can share your android mobile device screen with your PC or laptop. androidscreencast software Is one of them to control an android device remotely. Using androidscreencast desktop software app, You can mirror your android device's screen In your PC and also you can record the android device's screen activity video In your PC. Let's learn how to Install and use Androidscreencast software to record video of android mobile device's screen activity. We will use It In android app automation using appium.

You occasionally needs to rotate screen orientation from portrait to landscape and landscape to portrait during android software application testing to check everything display and working fine In both orientation. Same thing you have to verify during appium android software test automation. For screen orientation of android software app screen during appium test automation, We can use rotate() method of appium. Let's look at simple example of how to perform screen orientation In appium android app software test automation.

In android software app, Seekbar Is an element which allows you to set progress level by moving draggable thumb In left or right direction. It Is an extension of Progress Bar. Automating android seekbar movement in appium software automation Is easy but little tricky. We will use TouchAction class of appium to move sleek bar In right or left direction so I recommend you to view THIS EXAMPLE to get more Idea about TouchAction class and It's usage.

Earlier we learnt step by step appium tutorials for android software app in PART 1 and PART 2. In this section we will see few more examples on how to interact with different elements of android software app in android appium software automation test. All these android appium software automation test are implemented practically on different android software apps. Go though each tutorial one by one.

45 : Appium Android - Set Star Rating Bar Example
46 : Appium - Perform LongPress Using TouchAction In Android Dialer App


Start and stop appium server Programmatically means start the appium server using code when your software app test execution started and stop appium server using code when software app  test execution finished. Till now, We have learnt how to start appium server manually from start menu In THIS POST, and using command prompt as described In THIS POST. Now let me explain you how to start and stop appium server Programmatically. HERE Is another way of starting appium server programatically.

We will use bellow given sample apk file for testing in different appium software automation test examples. You can download sample apk file for testing directly from here to use in appium software automation test examples. All these are just sample apk file for testing and you can use them in appium automation tests.
  1. MultiTouch Tester App (com.the511plus.MultiTouchTester.apk)
  2. APKinfo App (com.intelloware.apkinfo.apk)
  3. Android Calculator App(
  4. Drag-Sort Demos App(
  5. SwipeListView Demo App(SwipeListView
  6. ApiDemos App(ApiDemos.apk)

Earlier In previous post, we learnt how to interact with android mobile gesture to perform horizontal and vertical swipe using driver.swipe() in appium mobile software automation test. In THIS POST, We also learnt - how to perform drag and drop in android app by generating action chain using TouchAction class. Here we can use same TouchAction class to swipe particular element horizontally in android software app. Let's see how can we use TouchAction class to swipe element.

This appium automation tutorials will take you from beginning level to advanced level in android software app automation testing. Appium software testing tool is freeware mobile automation testing tool using which you can automate native, hybrid and mobile web software apps of android and IOS. If you wants to make career in mobile automation software testing then appium is best tools for you. Now a days, many software companies has started using appium as a mobile automation testing tool so it is very important for mobile test engineers to learn appium for better future and growth.

appium tutorial

As per my view, Nearest 40 to 50% websites will be converted in mobile app in next 5 to 10 years as usage of mobile apps is increasing day by day. At present, It is great opportunity for each mobile tester to learn appium very quickly so that he/she can work on appium in upcoming days.

I have prepared bunch of appium tutorials for those beginners who wants to build their career in mobile automation testing industry. Go though bellow given appium tutorials steps by step to learn appium automation very quickly.

Native android app Automation appium Tutorial step by step. Appium configuration tutorials for android app In windows are described in PART 1. Appium is free software automation testing tools which enables us to automate android and IOS software application's testing process. We can automate Native, Hybrid and Mobile software web applications of android and IOS using appium software automation testing tool and that's what i am going to explain you using bellow given appium tutorials .

Here, I am trying my best to guide you on how to automate android software app testing process through this appium tutorials. Bellow given appium tutorials will help you to learn how to automate mobile software apps using appium. This appium tutorial will help you to learn appium if you are beginner and helps you to increase your knowledge if you know appium. Go through bellow given appium tutorials links step by step to learn how to automate android app using appium.

I hope, All of you aready know how to install or uninstall app in real android device. But If you wants to work with android emulators for manual or automation testing, You must be aware about how to install or uninstall android applications in android emulators. Here I am present steps of how to install android app or uninstall any android app from android virtual device(Emulator).

In previous post, We executed first appium test successfully in android mobile device. Also you can use Android Virtual Device(Emulators) to run automation tests on nadroid app using appium. So let's learnt how to create android emulator in windows system to rum appium test on it. This post will describe you how to create (AVD) In Windows.

We have configured appium project in eclipse during previous post. Now we are all set to create and run first appium software automation test script on android mobile device. In this steps we will learn how to create first appium automation softwre test script in eclipse and then run it in real android mobile device.

Earlier we learnt how to setup environment in windows for run appium automation project, SDK installation, usage of tools like UI Automator Viewer to locate android app elements etc. Now everything is ready and we are just step away from running appium test in android device. Before that we need to create project in eclipse so let's configure project in eclipse for appium. Bellow given steps will tell you how to setup appium project. I hope most of you already knows all these things but still let me describe you how to configure first appium project in eclipse.

In previous step, we learnt about how to locate android native software app elements by XPath, ID and className and We will learn how to run your first android software app test in next step. But before creating your first android native software app, You must know how to find package name and launcher activity name of your android app which you are going to test using appium. Because we need to provide package name and launcher activity name of android software app in test script to launch it in device or emulator. This post will describe you how to get package name and launcher activity name of.APK file using different ways. More 2 methods of finding package name and launcher activity name are given on THIS PAGE.

We learnt how to use UI Automator Viewer in PREVIOUS POST to locate and get properties details of android native software app's any element. Now we need to learn what are the different ways to locate elements of android software app and how to determine those locators to use them in test script. Most successful ways to locate android software app's elements are XPath, ID, Name And className so we will learn them rights now. Also we can use findElements method of webdriver to locate element of android app.We will use UI Automator Viewer to locate android app element and get it property and hierarchy detail.

In previous post we learnt how to enable developer option and USB debugging mode in android device to connect android device with PC. So next steps is to learn element locators for android software app. Before learning about UI Automator Viewer, You must knows why we need it. To automate android software app using appium, You should aware about how to locate elements of android app to use them in webdriver automation software test scripts. Let's try to understand how can we locate elements of android app.

You need to connect real android device with PC in USB debugging mode in order to run android app automation tests in real android device using appium. Later on we will also learn how to run android app test in virtual device. First we will use actual android device which is connected with PC in USB debugging mode to run test. So you must know how to enable USB debugging mode in android device and connect with your PC.

You must need to install appium if you need mobile software apps automation testing. Till now, We have configured android development environment in windows to run appium automation tests on android devices and emulators and we have installed other required software for appium in previous post. Now we need to download and install appium in windows to run native/web ios/android software automation tests using selenium webdriver. Bellow given steps will guide you to install appium in windows.