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Many tutorial post are available for selenium IDE Mouse related commands but mouse scrolling event was missing from them till now. You need mouse scrolling event when you are testing software application like Facebook. In Facebook, post are loaded on mouse scrolling if you have seen. In this kind of scenario,

"shiftKeyDown" and "shiftKeyUp" commands are specially designed for shift key of keyboard. Selenium IDE has many commands related to keyboard keys(Example : keyDown) and mouse keys (Example : mouseDown). "shiftKeyDown" and "shiftKeyUp" has not major function but sometimes such specially

Pending commands list in part 1 with tutorial link are listed in bellow given table. Click on command link to view selenium IDE software testing tool's command example. I tried my best to cover all commands of selenium IDE software testing tool. You can suggest me if any command is pending to list in these tables by commenting bellow this post.

Selenium IDE commands with examples
There are many commands available in selenium IDE software testing tool. I have prepared one selenium commands list and linked some selenium ide command with its examples. So you can click on command link(From bellow given selenium ide commands list table) to view how to and where to use that command with example. This full selenium command list will help you to learn selenium IDE software testing tool on beginning level.

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Pending command's(Which are not linked) example creation is in process. you can subscribe via email for

Selenium can drag and drop element using "dragAndDrop" and "dragAndDropToObject" commands. Click here to read both command's description with example. I have read many posts about "DragDrop doesn't work with selenium for me..", "Unable to drag and drop element using Selenium..", "selenium dragAndDrop not dragging and dropping..", etc.. Here is alternative way of dragging and dropping an element using

How to Drag and Drop Element using selenium? Bellow given "dragAndDrop" and "dragAndDropToObject" commands can perform that action in selenium. You can use anyone of them for dragging element from one position and dropping it at another position. 

"dragAndDrop" Command

"dragAndDrop" command is useful to drag an element from one position and drop it on other position. Here

You can use mouseOver and mouseOut command when your targeted software web page element has effect on mouse over and mouse out. Targeted element can be button or image or link or anything else. 

Suppose you have one image on software web page and it is changing image when you move mouse on it. Now if you want to see this effect with selenium IDE software test then you can use "mouseOver" and "mouseOut" Commands. Let we see it with example.

"mouseOver" Command

On Google search page, there is one button named "Google search". That button's text becomes dark when we put mouse cursor on button and it becomes light when we remove mouse cursor from button. Let we check it with selenium IDE software testing tool.
New Test

In this example "mouseOver" command will put mouse cursor on button id=gbqfba virtually. You can see its

You can use check and uncheck commands only with checkbox and radio buttons of webpage. Let we see how we can use check command in selenium IDE.

"check" command

check command will check the check box if have check box on your webpage. You can also select radio button using check command.

New Test

In above example, check command will check the check box with id=PersistentCookie. You can use id of radio button if you have radio button on page. You can also use "click" command at place of "check" and

 "clickAt" selenium IDE command

"clickAt" command is useful when you need to click on specific x,y position of any element of software web application. Sometime this types of conditions occurs at that time you can use clickAt command. You need to fill x,y position value in value field of command.

In bellow example of selenium IDE software automation tool, It will click at 10,10 position on element "css=#gb_2 > span.gbts".

New Test
Command Target Value
clickAt css=#gb_2 > span.gbts 10,10

You can use "clickAt" command when "click" command not working. I have seen many times where "click"

"click" command

"click" command is another mostly used command in selenium ide software testing tool. you can use it when you want to click on any element like Link, Text box, radio button, check box etc of your software web application.

In below given example, click command will click on element "css=#gb_2 > span.gbts" of software application if it is present on page otherwise it will display error message in selenium IDE.

New Test
Command Target Value
click css=#gb_2 > span.gbts

"clickAndWait" Command

"clickAndWait" command is some different than "click" command. It will wait for page to load means next command will be not executed until page not loaded successfully. You need to use this command when your