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Highlighting individual element will be done directly by using "highlight" command with selenium IDE. You can see script Example 1, Example 2 and Example 3 for "highlight" command. Now if you want to highlight each and every element of software web application with selenium IDE command execution then

"focus" Command in Selenium IDE
"focus" is useful to set focus on targeted fields. Generally it is used with input fields like text box, text area, radio button, check box, button etc.. It will simply move cursor on targeted element or field.

Selenium "keyUp" Command
"keyUp" command is generally used with "keyDown" Command. Sometimes, "keyPress" command not

"shiftKeyDown" and "shiftKeyUp" commands are specially designed for shift key of keyboard. Selenium IDE has many commands related to keyboard keys(Example : keyDown) and mouse keys (Example : mouseDown). "shiftKeyDown" and "shiftKeyUp" has not major function but sometimes such specially

Pending commands list in part 1 with tutorial link are listed in bellow given table. Click on command link to view selenium IDE software testing tool's command example. I tried my best to cover all commands of selenium IDE software testing tool. You can suggest me if any command is pending to list in these tables by commenting bellow this post.

Selenium IDE commands with examples
There are many commands available in selenium IDE software testing tool. I have prepared one selenium commands list and linked some selenium ide command with its examples. So you can click on command link(From bellow given selenium ide commands list table) to view how to and where to use that command with example. This full selenium command list will help you to learn selenium IDE software testing tool on beginning level.

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Pending command's(Which are not linked) example creation is in process. you can subscribe via email for

Using "keypress" command in selenium
"keypress" command in selenium is very useful when you want to press keyboard keys like “Enter” key, “Up-Down arrows” key, “Backspace” key, “Shift” key, etc.. "keypress" command works like user pressing and then releasing that key. You need to provide targeted element locator (Where you want to press and

Selecting value from auto complete field is little hard if you are not aware about proper key sequence technique. Just "type" command will not provide you list of value suggestions on auto complete field. "sendKeys" command will provide you list of value suggestions on auto complete field but to select value

Selenium IDE "sendKeys" command

"sendKeys" command works like type command in selenium IDE but there are 2 more functions as bellow in "sendKeys" command which are not available in "type" command. Generally "sendKeys" command is very useful in auto complete text boxes or combo boxes which require explicit key events.

1. "sendKeys" command will not replace the existing text content in the text box where as "type" command

"altKeyDown" command

"altKeyDown" command works just like you are pressing alt key of your keyboard. It will keep pressed alt key until "altKeyUp" not executed. You can use this command when you need to perform any action by pressing alt key.

Let me show you use of "altKeyDown" command with example. In bellow given example, altKeyDown command will press and hold alt key down then click command will click on targeted element.

New Test

clickcss=#gb_2 > span.gbts

"altKeyUp" command

"type" command

"type" command is useful for typing keyboard key values into text box of software web application. you can also use it for selecting values of combo box.

New Test
Command Target Value
type name=email
click css=input[type="submit"]

In this example, First it will type text "" into text field "name=email" of software web page and then it will click on button element "css=input[type="submit"]".