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Transaction Controller is one of the logic controllers of apache jmeter which is useful to measure over all time taken to perform complete transaction of any software web application's load testing scenario. Example : Total time taken to place online order on any eCommerce software web application. This includes all the requests which are required to place order from software web application. Transaction controller will add additional sample after nested samples to show total time taken by it's nested samples.

Include controller in jmeter is very useful if you wants to break your test plan in small fragments. There are many different jmeter controllers available. Each of them have different purpose as per it's name. Jmeter include controller is useful to include external test fragment in your test. Means you can include external test fragment in your software load test plan using include controller in jmeter.

Module Controller in apache jmeter is one of the important and frequently used logic controller in any software web applications load test plan. Earlier we learnt usage of different jmeter logic controllers with example which are listed on Jmeter Tutorial but module controller is different from all of them. Module controller allows you to redirect test execution to a given fragment of the test or you can say selected module. Let's take simple example to understand usage of module controller better for your software web application's load testing.

Jmeter If controller is very useful in any software application's load testing using jmeter. If controller in jmeter allows you to set condition to evaluate it and based on condition evaluation result it will decide to run or not to run if controller's child elements. jmeter if controller's if condition evaluation result is positive then child elements of if controller will run else child elements of if controller will not run. Let's see sample software load testing plan to understand usage of if condition in jmeter. Also you can view Jmeter Logic controllers examples.

Apache Jmeter is performance testing tool and you need to customize your software web application test plan as per client's requirement. Jmeter has many tools for test plan customization and one of them is Logic controllers. We will see more about other parameters of load testing tool jmeter but in this post let we look

As you know, Apache jmeter has many logic controllers and loop controller is one of the mostly used controller in performance testing of software web application using jmeter. Apache jmeter's thread group is it self loop controller and you can read about 'Loop Count' property of thread group in my previous post. So now your question is 'If

As you know, Apache jmeter is performance testing tool and supporting many operation systems like FreeBSD,  Linux, Mac, Windows, Solaris Sparc, OpenVMS Alpha etc.. We can say that controllers are the main part of jmeter and they are very useful to control execution of jmeter script for load testing. Let me

"Switch Controller" is one of the Logic Controller of Apache Jmeter. As name suggest, You can switch your targeted software application page request to run using Switch Controller. You can set your required request id in Switch Controller to execute it so all other requests under Switch Controller will be neglected

I described "Interleave Controller" and "Once Only Controller" of Apache Jmeter in my previous posts. There are nearest 16 different logic controllers available in Apache JMeter and i will try to describe each of them in my upcoming posts. Let we look at "Runtime Controller" to see how it can help us for our software

You can read my post about jmeter downloading and installation before learning jmeter once only controller. I hope you already knows that Apache jmeter is load or i can say performance testing tool and during software performance testing, you need to handle multiple kind of scenarios and

Before using interleave controller in performance testing tool Apache Jmeter, You must be aware about how to Record and Run first test plan in jmeter load testing tool in windows OS. There are many controllers available in apache jmeter performance testing tool and one of them is Interleave controller. Interleave