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Check box is very essential element of any software web application page and you will find it on many pages so obviously we need to include it in our automation process. Selenium IDE has few commands which are specially developed for checkbox. In my earlier posts, we had seen many check box related commands like

"storeChecked" and "verifyChecked" are check box related commands and are useful to verify current (checked or not checked) condition of check box. Earlier i had published post about 2 related commands - assertChecked and assertNotChecked. All these four commands are working with check box. Now let

There are many assertions available in selenium. Here i am going to describe "assertchecked" and "assertNotChecked" assertion in selenium IDE with example. "assertNotChecked" and "assertchecked" commands works with only check box and radio button. Both the commands are used for verifying check

You can use check and uncheck commands only with checkbox and radio buttons of webpage. Let we see how we can use check command in selenium IDE.

"check" command

check command will check the check box if have check box on your webpage. You can also select radio button using check command.

New Test

In above example, check command will check the check box with id=PersistentCookie. You can use id of radio button if you have radio button on page. You can also use "click" command at place of "check" and