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I posted other posts too for "storeEval". Click here to view more tutorials of selenium IDE "storeEval" command. In software testing using selenium IDE, many times you needs to verify or compare the number of records list during activity like searching, adding or deleting records. Generally, record count displayed on

There are many advanced selenium IDE tutorial posts available about different commands, methods and selenium IDE plugins and i think that all of them will help you to make your software testing process easy using selenium IDE. Now let me tell you one more interesting and most useful command to include in your

CSS element locators are very strong and important for not only selenium IDE but also for selenium RC, webdriver and all other versions of selenium. I suggest you to read my post about CSS Locators for selenium IDE first, where i described many different ways of writing CSS path for any node of page with

As described in my previous post("while" and "endWhile" commands with example), selenium IDE software testing tool not supporting any conditioning and looping commands and to get support of "gotoif" "gotoLabel" and "label" commands, you have to attach user extension with selenium IDE software automation testing tool. This is Advanced Selenium IDE feature. Click here to download user extension and attach it with selenium IDE and restart selenium IDE software testing tool's window. Now you can use "gotoif" "gotoLabel" and "label" commands with selenium IDE software automation.