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Selenium WebDriver Test Automation on BrowserStack

BrowserStack is web cloud platform which provides us an environment to test web and mobile applications on different version combinations of OS and browsers. BrowserStack provides limited access in Free trial version but you can get full access in Paid version's different plans. Many of you already aware about it's different features and usage. But still let me introduce you with browserstack little bit.

Why BrowserStack?
Can you imagine how much testing infrastructure you need if someone ask you to test web application on different versions of Microsoft operating system starting from Windows XP to Windows 10 and browsers starting from IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Safari and Edge? And also if you need to test it in different MAC OS versions as well starting from Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, etc, etc to Mojave, Catalina, etc?

BrowserStack provides you virtual infrastructure to fulfill above requirement. It provides On demand browsers on different operating systems and real mobile devices with different OS and it's versions. You can get access of Different Microsoft OS Versions + different browsers and versions, Different MAC OS Versions + different browsers and versions, Different Android Real Devices + different OS versions and Different IOS Real Devices + different OS versions.

This on demand browsers, OS and devices cloud platform will reduce your logistics, It's maintenance time and efforts. This is very ideal cloud platform for any test engineer to perform cross browser and compatibility testing and mobile and web applications.

Also you can run your web and mobile App automation tests on BrowserStack cloud platform.

Selenium WebDriver Automation Testing on BrowserStack
You can run your selenium webdriver tests on BrowserStack's cloud platform and choose your desired OS+Browser combination to run your test on. It is very Quick and easy. You not need any extra set up to run selenium webdriver tests on BrowserStack's cloud platform. My Next post will describe you how to Run your Fist Selenium WebDriver test on BrowserStack.

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